All of the surf sessions are supervised by fully certified professionals that hold state diplomas and lifeguard qualifications. Our instructors select the appropriate surf spot depending on each group's level of experience. All of the equipment supplied by the school is in top condition (wetsuits, boards, coloured lycra tops). The school holds a valid professional civil responsability insurance and is officially certified to deliver relevant surf passports and diplomas for each level achieved.
Depending on your preference you can choose between a SURF or a BODYBOARD session... Surf lessons take place depending on the tides and corresponding times. In the unlikely event of restrictive weather conditions the Surf school reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a session.

The surf school adheres to the Ecole du Surf Francais quality charter and thus strives to achieve three main objectives :
- Provide new and fun activities to all in a safe environment  
- Provide information and insights on the ocean when surfing and bodyboarding
- Teach surfers to adopt a positive civil attitude by respecting the environment


Everyone meets up at the surf school, the staff welcome the group and provide each member with a wetsuit that fits, everyone changes into their wet gear and is given relevant equipment (surfboard, bodyboard...). The sessions take place with a maximum of 8 people per group. When everyone is ready the group goes down to the beach where the instructor teaches the group how to select the right surf spot based on the group's level. Once the group is in the water the session takes place based on four main objectives: individual safety, gliding/shooting the surf/foam, mastering the stand-up position and maintaining balance.


Handi surf

The school owns all of the required equipment, if the weather conditions are non-permittant for handi-surf the school will organise a session on the handi surf spot on the beach in Hendaye (depending on local authorisation), please refer to Rates section.