200 euros (new this year)
This SuperCombo pack is only available between the 15/04 and 30/06 2013. This pack includes 10 surf or body board sessions. The aim of the sessions is to bring in-depth knowledge on the surfing environment, perfecting individual performance but also covering the cultural aspects of surfing (origin and evolution). If the weather conditions are non-permiting the surf school will bring you to alternative spots where we can offer an aray of similar activties (Body Board, Paddle Board, Stand-Up, Coastal Lifeguard training...). Sessions can also be rescheduled.
If you have not completed the full 10 sessions during the given timeframe due to cancellations we will offer a refund for all of the cancelled sessions.
You can sign up for these sessions as of March, please sign up early so we can organse the groups in the best conditions.


These rates apply from 1st July until 31st August - including lessons and equipment.




1h30 (Discover Surf Session)

32 Euros

28 Euros

 3 x  1h30 (Mini rider pack)

85 Euros

80 Euros

 5 x  1h30 (Ultimate rider pack)

135 Euros

125 Euros



Lessons are held on La plage du Metro beach spot in Tarnos. When authorised officially and depending on weather conditions sessions can be held in the handi-surf area of the grande plage in Hendaye. The school provides all of the equipment. For students that are mentally handicaped the surveillance ratio is 4 students for one instructor and for students that are physically handicaped the ratio is 1 student for 1 instructor. Every physically handicaped student must be accompanied by a reffered person.
Rates per session and per person: 45 euros. Each session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour in the water - 8 people maximum.


1 week from 229 euros* per person, accomodation and surf lessons.                     *Reference rate based on a week out of school holidays, for a reservation for 4 people minimum, accomodation in a chalet for 4/5 people, 6 nights, surf pack ultimate rider 5x1h30.
The rate is based on the specific period booked, the number of people and the surf lesson pack selected. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information. New this year you can stay in the Tourista Holiday Village between the 15th April and the 30th September, based on availability.